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How to Decrease Ping In Online Game 2021

how to decrease ping in online game

Have you ever been in a situation while playing the game you see an enemy and fire your gun but isn’t of him you get died? If you have been in this situation that’s due to the ping you get while playing the game. So in this post, I will help you with How to Decrease Ping In Online Game 2021. There are few effective ways of reducing the ping which I will be explaining below.

What Really is Ping?

Simply telling ping can be understood as the time taken for the specified data to be transferred to our computer to various internet connections. The rate of ping is called latency and measured in milliseconds. The higher ping will be the more time it will take to transfer the files. For Online FPS ( First Person Shooting) game I recommend your ping to be less than 30ms. Whereas for other things it is not recommended to be your ping less than 30ms.

Effective Ways of Decreasing Ping In Online Games

You might have read many ways of decreasing pings online but in this article, I have only included those methods which are effective and works well with all your devices. Also, I haven’t included any paid methods of decreasing the in-game latency.

A Wired Ethernet Connection

Ethernet Cable Connection directly to your devices directly decreases the latency. If you are asking why then the simple answer is the wireless connections are not like the wired connection because there are many factors affecting your WiFi or the wireless connection. The things that can affect your wireless connection is the distance between your router and device. Secondly, other wireless connections also make your internet connection slow.

A Wired Ethernet Connection to Decrease Ping In Online Game

So, I request you to use Ethernet Cable for the Internet. Mainly for playing games online because the games that you play online are totally dependent on your ping and device specifications. Then why not use a wired Ethernet Connection to decrease your ping in online games.

Use of Gaming VPN

If you are playing Online Games for a long time and have some knowledge about Servers. If you are well informed about the servers you are playing your game in then you must use a VPN and connect to the location where the server lies.

For example, if you are playing the game from Canada and the server of the game is in Nepal then. You can use Gaming VPN to connect to the server of Nepal using VPN. Which will help you with decreasing the latency of the Game.


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