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Get Discord Custom Rich Presence Status For Your Profile

Get Discord Custom Rich Presence Status For Your Profile

If you are a discord user you might have already read some of my previous posts related to The Secret Features of Discord and also about a Discord Bot. Again today in this post I will be writing about the topic related to Discord Custom Rich Presence Status for your Profile. You might have noticed Status Of Most User Get’s Changed While they are playing the game on their computer or even on mobile phones nowadays. So I will make tell you how does discord gets to know which game is the user playing and how can you make your own Rich Presence Status.

How to Enable Rich Presence Status For Your Discord Profile

Let’s start with the basic how can you enable the Game Activity On Your Status if you haven’t already. You Can Open Your Discord Desktop Client App and log in to your account. Then Open User Settings now go to the Game Activity tab and make sure you have enabled Display currently running games as a status message. As soon as you enable this you will get a Status Message as shown in the image below.

currently running games as a status

How to make Your Own Discord Custom Rich Presence Status

If want to make your own custom rich presence status then be sure you have a Desktop Discord Client Installed on your Computer and have Windows Os or Linux Os running. Click on the link here and be sure to download the zip according to your Operating System. After the file gets downloaded be sure to extract it to your desired location.

Now Open the discord.com/developers/applications then click on New Application if you haven’t Made it Already. Now chose an Icon for your App and move to Bot Section Click on Add Bot and Click on Yes Do It. Move on to Rich Presence Art Assets Tab and add the cover image with two assets and be sure to check the size.

  1. Open the config.ini file and change the client ID to your bot’s client ID.
  2. Add The Name of the Application You Want at the State and Description about it in the Details.
  3. Make sure to add the name of the image according to size and don’t create any space between equal to and image name.
  4. ImageTooltip is not compulsory it’s the hovering text after we hover any image.
  5. Now run the easyrp.exe file.
  6. Also, make your account is logged in through your Desktop Discord Client.
  7. You must keep the exe file open to get the Rich Presence on your status.

I am sure after you follow the post from the top you will be able to get your own custom status on Discord. If anyhow you didn’t saw the status then please try running the .exe file with admin privilege. Be sure to drop down in the comments if you have any questions.



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