Home Tech Does Google Home Listen to Us Every Time?

Does Google Home Listen to Us Every Time?

Does Google Home Listen to Us Every Time?

It is really cool that google assistance or google home replies to us when we say “OK Google” or “Hey Google“. But your question is does Google Home Listen to Us every time we are speaking. The answer is to this becomes true because Google won’t be responding to us if it was not listening to us all the time. But that’s not the problem, the problem is if google records the thing heard and if it could be listened to by other person or physically accessible by other people.

So Google Does Not Record Anything?

You Might be aware of the fact the Google records the way we give commands to Google Home or Google Assistance to make them better and more user friendly. Google also says to understand the human languages and their pronunciation better they record the conversations between the Google Home and the User. Also, they have mentioned it has helped them a lot to make the Google Home better day by day.

But saying this we also have found some reports that google is recording all the conversations that it hears you speaking nearby the google home. After that, Google made it clear that the things recorded are just to make the AI better and improved.

Is it possible to Delete your Conversation With Google Home?

If you have connected your google home with your Gmail account then you can monitor each and every conversation you have with the Google Home. You can even remove the conversation you ever had with the Google Home Mini.

Login to your Google account connected with your Google Home. Click on Manage your Google Account and search for Web & App Activity. Then you can find all your conversations with Google Assistance and even things searched on Google Play Store. You can see the feature of Auto Delete at the beginning which allows you to chose a certain period of time for the conversation to be deleted. You can even save all your voice conversations as audio recordings you had with Google Assistance.

Google Web and App Activity to See Conversation between Google Assistance
Google Web and App Activity To Find Conversations with Google Home

Googles Police for the Google Assistant and Its Recordings

You surely might be aware of how big is Google as a company. It does have some policies related to the Google Home conversations and the audio recording done by the Google Home. Here is what google has written, “Where do they use the Voice Conversation Recordings.

Google uses audio saved by this setting to develop and improve its audio recognition technologies and the Google services that use them, like Google Assistant. For example, Google improved automatic speech recognition for data-scarce languages by training a single model on audio from data-rich languages, which allowed for real-time multilingual speech recognition.

According to them, they use the recordings for the development of audio recognition technologies and other further google services that we enjoy the most. Also after the Audio Recording is On the recordings can be accessed at the Google Web and App Activity. They have also clearly mentioned sometimes due to incorrectly detects an activation google might also record just wind or nothing.

What do I think does Google Records and Listen to Us Every Time?

Firstly just want to make you clear that what I write here in the conclusion might be true or might not be. It’s just my thought and view towards “Does Google Home Listen to Us Every Time?“. I personally have a Google Home Mini and It’s been with me for One Month. What I think is it is a very good piece of tech and is very helpful in everyday activities. But the problem lies when the light glows even when I am not talking to the assistance. Which makes me a little worried about my privacy. On the other hand, Google is one of the most successful companies in the world and why would it record the conversation as a spy device to decrease its own reputation. I would be really happy if you could let me know what do you think about the topic in the comment section also do share more article ideas in my email or in the discussion below.


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