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Hdobusa a Multipurpose Discord Bot.

hdobusa multipurpose discord bot

If you have a discord server and want your members in the server to stay engaged. I am sure that you have added some bots to the server. But Hdobusa is not a single purpose bot like other bots. It’s a multipurpose discord bot having features related to Fun, Utilities, Image, and Infos. In this post, we will be looking in-depth at the Hdobusa Discord Bot and its features.

What is HDOBUSA?

HDOBUSA is a multipurpose, Discord’s favorite Messaging and Fun Bot. It does many things that even your average fun discord bot can’t do. Hdobusa is also a Meme bot, Messaging bot, Image Manipulation bot, and so much more! We have over 60 commands, and that keeps growing. Anything you want or need in your server, the bot probably can handle it!

Are there paid perks?

Currently, no Paid Perks are available. But sooner as, the BOT gets popular or User wants any special perks for Servers. We may work on that too. Even if we ever think of adding a special paid perk it will be of low price as compared to other bots paid perk.

hdobusa snow gif


HDOBUSA is able to be added to any server by someone with Manage Server permissions on their server. You can even go to top.gg and search for the Hdobusa Bot. If you tired of going to top.gg and searching for the bot here is the invite link of the bot. But be sure to get logged in to your account before adding the Hdobusa Bot on Your Server.

About Bot Prefix?

By default, the HDOBUSA prefix is “!!” Commands are run like !!meme, there must not be any space between the command name and the prefix! If you have difficulty with the prefix of Hdobusa you can mention the bot itself to find its prefix.

Additional Prefix Info

If you are thinking of whether the prefix of Hdobusa can be changed or not then the answer is no. For now, You cannot keep the prefix of your choice, this may change in the future. But for now, the prefix is “!!” or a double the Exclamation mark.

Permission and Commands

You also might be confused related to the commands and their permission. Let me make it clear that all the commands are not accessible by the Server Members. The permission is different for each commands depending on how destructive the command can be if it is available for everyone.

Hdobusa Permission and Commands

As you can see in the picture above if you are curious about the commands Permission and the way to use it what you can do is !!help [Command Name]. The Aliases represents the name or the short form of commands. Descriptions show what the command does. Permission shows the person with what permission can use the Command. Whereas the Usage shows the correct way to use the command. I guess you are already clear about the meaning of Category.


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