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How does IDM Download Files Faster than Other Downloader?

how does idm download files faster.

If you use the computer the most for surfing the internet then you must have heard of IDM. If not then you must have heard by the name of Internet Download Manager. Haven’t you heard about it? Then IDM (Internet Download Manager) is downloading software that we can use to download files for the internet.

Generally, how does it works is when we install the software on our device it adds the IDM extension to all the browsers that you use. Also if it doesn’t get installed you also have the option to add it manually on your browser. It also the most used download manager which is popular among many people.

How to Add IDM Extension Manually to a browser?

I know that this topic doesn’t belong here. But if you have any problem installing or adding the IDM extension to your browser then follow the steps given below I guarantee you that it will work. For now, will be using Google Chrome because most people use Google Chrome.

  1. Click on the Right Top Menu of the Browser and Open Extension or you can click here.
  2. Now enable the developer option from the right side of the page.
  3. I hope you have probably installed IDM.
  4. Go to the path you have installed Internet Download Manager. (C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Download Manager)
  5. Now search for the file named IDMEdgeExt with .crx extension.
  6. After you find the file drag the file to the browser’s extension page.
  7. Now you can see IDM has been successfully added to your browser.
idm connections info

The path of installed files can be different as compared to mine so be sure to find the correct path. If you have followed the steps above correctly to add the IDM extensions then it must work. Have some problem let me know in the comments below.

How does IDM Download Files Faster than Browser?

The first obvious reason for IDM being able to download faster the browser is in its name itself. The main feature of the browser is to let the user surf the internet and explore websites. Whereas the main feature of IDM is to help people download files on their computer. The second reason for IDM being fast is a little hard to understand and please be focused while reading about it.

You might be thinking the IMD makes files in parts and download them so the download speed is increased but that’s not right. What does IDM do is it check that if the server allows multiple connections to the files is allowed or not from the same IP Address. If the server allows then bingo IDM can download files in parts.

What does download in parts really mean?

After the IDM finds out that the servers allow multiple connections to the files IDM makes 8 connections as default to the files with different byte addresses. also, they will make sure that all the files size is covered in the connections they made to the server while downloading files. If you are thinking why only eight can’t be increased then yes it can be configured for the connection settings of IDM.

For example, the size of the file is 800 bytes. Now see what does IDM does after creating connections.

1st Connection Starting Byte From 0-99
2nd Connection Starting Byte From 100-199
3dr Connection Starting Byte From 200-299
4th Connection Starting Byte From 300-399
5th Connection Starting Byte From 400-499
6th Connection Starting Byte From 500-599
7th Connection Starting Byte From 600-699
8th Connection Starting Byte From 700-799

This is how IDM covers all the files size in the Eight Connections and files is download faster compared to browsers. If you use discord then be sure to check Secret of Discord.


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