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How to add Live Wallpaper to Your Computer?

how to add live wallpaper to your computer

Hello, In today’s post I will be helping you with how to add live wallpaper to your computer screen. In this post, I will explain to you how you can get a live wallpaper to your desktop and what are its pros and cons in depth. So be sure to read the whole post for the knowledge of adding Live desktop background for your desktop or laptop device. In this article, I will help you with adding live background on only the Computers with Microsoft Os Installed.

Is it necessary to add a Live Wallpaper?

You must be already clear about the fact adding a live wallpaper is necessary or not for your computer. If you are not sure whether to add a live desktop background then let me help you. If you have a computer with low specifications then it’s a total waste to add a live wallpaper because the computer won’t be able to handle too much load. Also if you have a computer with good specifications and a good Graphics Card then you and your computer both are good to handle the load. So here are the Pros and Cons of having a moving live desktop wallpaper for your computer.

Pros of Live Wallpaper

The most common advantage of having live wallpaper is making your background interesting and alive. Making you feel even your wallpaper is alive. This will also make your wallpaper look amazing and extra if you do most work like screen sharing or live streaming. Also, another pro of live Wallpaper is you won’t need a Screen Saver for your Computer as you might be used to use before you had a Live Wallpaper. Overall the main benefit of having a live wallpaper is to make your wallpaper look better and alive.

Cons of Live Wallpaper

Talking about the cons of having live wallpaper on your computer is a very heavy load on your computer and on top of that if you don’t have a graphics card on your computer. I am sure that your computer will be in a lot of pain. So I would like to suggest you if you don’t have a GPU on your computer. It’s better not to think of the live wallpaper on your computer. If your device is a laptop and not a desktop then the power drainage of your Computer will also ultimately increase with the use of Live Wallpaper.

Steps to Setup a Live Wallpaper

If you have read the article correctly from the beginning then you must be aware of the fact what kind of computer is suggested to use the Live Wallpaper. I will be using Wallpaper Engine to set up the Live Wallpaper which costs around $3 USD. So let’s start with the steps of setting up the live wallpaper for your Computer.

  • Download Steam and Install On your Device.
  • Login to your account and buy Wallpaper Engine.
  • Download and install the Wallpaper Engine successfully.
  • Now You will see some pre-installed live wallpaper try double-clicking on it.
  • Change the settings as you desire and set the background.
  • If want to add any other live wallpaper then you can even search them.
  • Go to the discovery section and enter the keyword on the search option.

Here were the steps of adding Live Wallpaper to your computer. I am sure if you have GPU on your computer then all the processes above will help you to add a live wallpaper successfully. But if you don’t have GUP installed on the Computer then you might need to install extra add-on software to make your live wallpaper working. But I won’t be adding the steps about it because it’s another topic. Be sure to leave a comment below that makes me really happy.


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