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How to Mirror Android Screen via USB

Mirror Android Screen

Due to some reason you want to Mirror Android Screen to your computer using USB. In today’s article, I will be helping you with how you can share your mobile phone screen to the computer through a USB Cable. Not only mirroring your screen but also controlling your mobile phone from the computer itself. You might have seen many videos on YouTube if you haven’t you don’t need to go through checking every video related to this topic. What do you need to get started with the process or steps of sharing video is a USB cable, Computer, and your Android Mobile Phone.

Does the Android Phone Have to be Rooted?

If you are curious after watching and reading many posts online about sharing android screens and does this post requires root access on your phone or not then. Here is a clear thing you won’t need your phone to be rooted if you want to mirror the screen following the steps shown in this Post. But you must allow the USB Debugging if you want to mirror the screen.

Steps to Mirror Android Screen via USB

Before we start the steps to Mirror the Android Screen via USB you must download and install Vysor for your computer. Please install the stable version of Vysor. So that your software doesn’t get crashed while sharing the screen.

  • Installed the latest version of Vysor.
  • After Vysor Get’s Installed Plugin Your phone into the computer via USB.
  • Check on USB Debugging Enabled on your phone.
  • Now Click on the Play Icon on Vysor App After You See your Device Name.
  • Now you can easily see what’s going on in your device.
  • After this, you can control your phone from the computer itself.

So here were all the steps or you can also call it the process of how you can mirror your phone screen without rooting it. You can even mirror your android screen wirelessly and record it if you use the pro version of Vysor. But you can still take a screenshot of your device even in the free version.

Do I recommend Using Vysor Pro?

Let me make you aware of how the pricing of Vysor goes before I give my conclusion of recommending you Vysor Pro. The pricing for Vysor is $2.50/mo, $10/yr, or $40/lifetime as per the latest information. Also, there are awesome features if we use the pro version of the app. You will be able to do High-Quality Mirroring of your mobile phone. The main thing is you can even do mirroring wirelessly after you switch to Vysor Pro. Another more useful feature is Drag and Drop of Files after you use Vysor Pro.

After informing you about all the features I want to conclude that if you are not good with adding many software or app on your phone you can use Vysor Pro. But if you have no problem using other apps along with the vysor and want to save your money then I won’t recommend you to use Vysor Pro. The reason is there are many other alternatives that support file sharing that too for totally free. Also if you have a USB Cable why would need an app to share files.


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