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The Secret Features of Discord

Secret Features of Discord with Thinking Icon

You must be a Discord User that’s the reason you clicked on this blog article. Also, you might be on discord for a long time and know some of these features. But I am sure you will find a new Secret Features of Discord in this article and thank me later. So if you are unknown about discord and click the post only if you love reading the post on the site then no worries I will give a small introduction about discord in the beginning.

So What is Discord?

Discord is an American messaging and digital distribution platform designed for creating communities. Users of discord can communicate with voice calls, video calls, text messaging, media, and files in private chats or in servers. Group Messaging is also known as Server in Discord. This platform was introduced and made in the beginning so that the games won’t have a problem while communicating through the Voice while Gaming. But as the Platform went on increasing and getting popular many nongamers also join the discord and got interested in looking at the features of discord. If you haven’t joined discord till now then I request you to join that amazing platform right now.

Secret Features of Discord

If are on discord for a long time and haven’t been familiar with some of the Secret Features of Discord then don’t be sad you are good because I was also unknow of the features for a long time. Due to which in this article I will introduce you to all the Secret features and easter eggs of discord.

1. Keyboard Combos

Here is the first discord secret in the list. Please read the whole description before going into a comment and writing it’s not a discord secret it’s just the Discord Keyboard Shortcut Keys. For seeing this feature you need to press (Cmd+ /) on Mac and (Ctrl + /) on Windows Computer. You might be thinking so where is the Secret Features it is a normal feature. Did you notice the big arrow keys on the Right Top of the PopUp Keyboard Combos? Try clicking on those arrows you must hear different music in each of the arrows. You can even try with the Keyboard Arrow Keys and it works isn’t it cool?

Keyboard Combos a Secret Features of Discord


Before you start thinking the spelling of Discord is Wrong and It’s not a feature. Then be clear it is a discord feature and the spelling is correct as it is. So to hear this discord feature you need to click on the Discord Home Icon on Your Discord Desktop Client 15 times. After you click on the Icon 15 times continuously you will hear an audio calling “DISCORDA”. What happens next is every time you open your Desktop Client of Discord You will hear the Same Audio. If this feature annoys you and needs to turn this off again click on the Icon 15 times you will hear a Call Disconnected Audio, Which means the feature has been disabled.

Discord Home Icon one of the Secret Features of Discord

3. Click to Copy Your Username

The Third most epic secret discord feature is the text that appears after you copy your username from the left button of the Discord Desktop Client and Web Site itself. Normally people copy their username once time. But have you tried copying it multiple times? If you haven’t then you must do it now to see another feature of the discord in this list. Click on the Click to Copy Your Username text multiple times. You will get to see some text like “Dominating” and “GOOD LIKE” with different animations.

Click to Copy Your Username a epic secret discord feature

4. Wumpus on Screen

The final hidden feature of discord and the most common feature of Discord is Displaying Wampus on your Screen. After you hover your mouse pointer over the server boosted message icon. For trying out this feature you will need to open your account on the Desktop Client of Discord or in the Browser itself. You can go to a random server and hover to the icon of the message then you will see a few small papers popping and if you hovering the message for a long time you might even see a Wumpus on your Discord Client.

Wumpus on Screen hidden feature of discord

Here are few Secret Features of Discord if you know more about the Hidden Features of Discord then I would love to see them in the comments below and I will be surely updating this post and adding new features in the coming days. Also if you are a Music Lover and love to sing or listen to Song then You can join the server given below. Do you want to develop your own Discord JS Discord Bot?



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